​Our GCSE Curriculum is based on a 3-year model. With the expansion of content in all Key Stage 4 courses, a three year time span allows teachers to develop and secure deeper learning of knowledge and skills. This extended time enables our students to become more engaged in their work to exceed their Estimated Grades and to achieve Challenge Grades to which all Saint Martin’s students should aspire.

It is advised that you read and study carefully the information in the Options Booklet, on all of the subjects available, to find out as much as possible about the options that your child may choose. Family involvement is crucial to the process and, along with our staff at school, provides a positive and supportive network for our students.  Each student will have been given a paper copy of the booklet, you can also access a digital copy by clicking on the image opposite.

It is important to consider which subjects will offer the greatest opportunity of success, reflecting strengths, interests and future career pathways. All of the courses offered require determination, dedication and enthusiasm.

​Additional information about the subjects we offer here at Saint Martin’s can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Each department has produced either a PowerPoint or short videos which should give you a good insight into the subjects they teach.