“Thank you so much for the warm welcome today. It was a pleasure to work with your year 7s.  Their excellent knowledge of CST principles meant they engaged in the ‘Be the Project Manager’ workshop with great insight.” Catherine Danaher (Cafod)

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to speak to the students. I hope that they felt inspired and hopefully some may choose a similar path in their future careers.” Dan White (Dementia Support Service)

“It is a privilege for us to have the opportunity to raise awareness about dementia in schools where time allows, and I know that Dan found this connection with the school very rewarding.” Lisa Goodman (Dementia Suppport Service)

“I wanted to thank you both for enabling me to have time in school today with students and share my story with them. I hope the students gained something from my sessions, maybe not today, tomorrow or next week – but maybe one or two might be able to think differently about their future and what is possible. Your faith, your values and school family will support you all.” Jen Rouse (British Olympic Foundation)

“I hope the students did get something from the session, they were a pleasure to talk to and asked very good questions.” Ara Daly (Rugby Mental Health in Schools Team)

“Thank you for welcoming me into your school community. The two groups were a pleasure to talk to.” Jacky McBlain (LOROS)