The School Nursing Service aims to help the students at St Martin’s to achieve optimum health (in its widest sense) in order to enable their maximum achievement.  It provides health advice and support with health concerns including self harm, low mood, anxiety and any physical health needs.  All school nurses in Leicestershire are employed by the Leicestershire Partnership Trust which is part of the NHS.  Parents, you are most welcome to contact any of the school nurse team if you feel concerned in any way about your child’s emotional and/or physical health and well-being. You can contact your school nurse on 01162153248 and leave your details and someone will call you back.   Students can also access CHAT HEALTH confidentially on 07520615387 and text a school nurse for support and advice.  School nurses are bound by strict laws of confidentiality. However, if anything is identified that endangers the safety of one of our students, then confidentiality may be breached.