Expertise in an area relies on a person possessing a high level of Knowledge, pupils who know more are able to understand more and thereby become more successful in their study.

‘Higher-order thinking is knowledge-based: the almost universal feature of reliable higher-order thinking about any subject or problem is the possession of a broad, well-integrated base of background knowledge relevant to the subject’.  ​E D Hirsch

We therefore have Knowledge Organisers for each topic or unit of work. For example, in a unit of study (eg 4-6 weeks), teachers compile the 40-50 key facts students need to have acquired in their long term memory to be able to master the topic. (Note: It is not a revision pack)

In order to keep the Knowledge Organisers handy and all in one place, we ask all pupils to obtain a folder with plastic wallets. Pre-collated ones can be bought from the front office for £1. See opposite.