Our mission at Saint Martin’s is to enable pupils to “learn the best that has been thought and said”, studying everything from ancient Greek literature in English to the most beautiful art that has been created. Part of this education is to provide pupils with opportunities to experience the world, develop deeper friendships with fellow students and have some adventures to remember.

Staff at Saint Martin’s therefore happily give up their time and energy to offer a wide range of trips to suit different interests and budgets. There are trips across the UK, and from Italy or Iceland to the USA. This Trip Guide is designed to give you an idea of the trips likely to be offered over the next couple of years in order for you to budget and select any that your son or daughter might be interested in. This brochure will give you an insight in to the experience pupils can have, the time of year it will probably take place, the approximate price and the year groups it is aimed at.

​Please note that all trips are provisional and may not take place. As places will always be limited, attendance and behaviour will always be considered when a trip is oversubscribed. When any trip is confirmed, you and your child will receive more information with plenty of time to save and plan.