Dear parents and carers,

Please note that use of Mobile Phones is not permitted in school. Once on the school site, phones should be turned off and kept in a pupil’s locker. If a pupil is caught with a phone it will be confiscated for 24 hours and a parent or carer will have to pick it up from the front office. If a pupil is required to use their mobile phone in a lesson for an educational purpose, under the direction of a teacher, this will obviously be an exception.

The rationale for the ban is that phones distract from learning, hamper normal face to face human conversations and friendships and are frequently the cause of disputes, fall-outs and even bullying.

Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

Please note, if a phone is confiscated it is the fault of the child who has broken a school rule and not the member of staff enforcing the school policy. Please also note that it is unacceptable for any parent or carer to be rude or threatening to teachers or office staff implementing the school policy.