The Student Council is made up of two peer elected representatives from each form: one boy and one girl. Meetings are held monthly in which counsellors discuss issues that impact their school environment as well as their community and their world. They liaise with the Senior Leadership Team to make suggestions for improvement and to promote various charities. The councillors all agree to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and politeness and can be easily recognised by their distinctive Student Council badges.

The Student Council enables students at Saint Martin’s to:

  • Voice opinions
  • Debate on important issues
  • Inspire change

Here are some examples of the many areas that the Student Council has worked in:

  • Organising anti-Bullying Week
  • Leading school assemblies
  • Recycling to generate funding
  • Helping out on open days
  • Giving tours to visitors and prospective parents
  • Student training on media equipment to cover events
  • Holding interview panels for new staff applicants
  • Recycling school uniforms via the Salvation Army for African children
  • Promoting charities such as Fair Trade and Ragtex
  • Supporting local community projects

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our counsellors, the Student Council has become a well-established group achieving positive change in many areas through student voice and participation.