When wearing the Saint Martin’s uniform, whether in school or out, students are representing the academy and therefore are expected to wear it smartly and with pride. When wearing our uniform out of school students are also expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and politeness.

​All pupils are expected to adhere to the uniform rules and we expect all parents who choose to send their children to Saint Martin’s to do like-wise.

Blouses and shirts must be tucked in at all times. Ties done up properly.  Blazers worn always unless permission is given to remove. Jumpers are optional especially in hot weather.

Jewellery of any description may not be worn in school, including earrings. This rule applies to girls and boys. If any students have their ears pierced this must be done at the beginning of the summer holidays in order allow healing time as no exceptions will be made to the earring rule. Stretchers should not be worn even in holiday time as the holes they produce will be an obvious health and safety issue when in school. Watches may be worn. Please note that mobile phones are not permitted, click here for information.

Extremes/unconventional hairstyles including unnatural colours and extreme differences between lengths are not permitted, no hair/eyebrow tram marks and nothing less than a No 2 haircut is permissible.  The Principal will be the final arbiter of what counts as ‘extreme’.

No make-up is allowed. The tinting of eye brows and eye lashes or false eye lashes etc are also not allowed.  False nails or nail varnish must not be worn in the Academy. If make-up or nail varnish is used students will be asked to remove them. Acrylic or gel nails are not allowed for health and safety reasons.


Hole In The Wall
1 Lower Bond Street
LE10 1QU

Tel:  01455 637475


Trousers – black, academy type, loose fitting.
Shirt – white with collar
Socks – black (not sport/trainer socks)


Skirt – Black full pleated skirt – knee length
Trousers – plain black trousers, non-lycra, straight legged, loose-fitting
Blouse – white with collar
Tights – black (no less than 60 denier), no socks


Academy Blazer (Supplied by Swifts and Hole in the Wall)
Tie – Academy colours (Supplied by Swifts and Hole in the Wall)
Jumper – Black V-neck jumper (no sweatshirt material)
Coat/Anorak – Plain navy/black coats or slogans. Students are welcome to wear fluorescent safety attachments on dark nights. (All coats must be removed once indoors)
Bag for Academy books, folders and equipment
Shoes – Plain black leather, academy type, patent leather shoes are also allowed. MUST BE POLISHABLE. Black Trainer style shoes are not permitted – Click here for illustrations


Following students PE kits being mixed up/lost it is now mandatory for all students to get their initials on their PE kit.


Royal blue SM shorts
​Royal blue SM long sleeved rugby top/hoodie
Royal blue SM polo shirt
Plain royal blue football socks
Trainers – indoor and outdoor
Football boots
Black SM tracksuit bottoms
​Shin pads


Royal blue SM skort/shorts
​Royal blue SM polo shirt
Royal blue SM sweatshirt or hoodie
Plain royal blue socks
Trainers – indoor and outside
Football boots
Pack of hair bobbles (to be kept in PE Bag)
SM leggings
Shin pads
Optional GCSE PE Kit
All tops come with the SM Logo, GCSE PE and initials upon request.
Adidas Blue Tee
Adidas Black Shorts
Adidas Blue Training Jacket
GCSE PE Kit is to be ordered from Liss Sport
​Core PE Kit from Hole In The Wall or Swifts

All PE Kit MUST have initial on.  This MUST be done at either Hole in the Wall or Swifts

Second hand uniform can be purchased from Reception.  Please contact Sarah Davies who will be happy to assist.


Please note that use of Mobile Phones is not permitted in school. Once on the school site, phones should be turned off and kept in a pupil’s locker. If a pupil is caught with a phone it will be confiscated for 24 hours and a parent or carer will have to pick it up from the front office. If a pupil is required to use their mobile phone in a lesson for an educational purpose, under the direction of a teacher, this will obviously be an exception.

The rationale for the ban is that phones distract from learning, hamper normal face to face human conversations and friendships and are frequently the cause of disputes, fall-outs and even bullying.

Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

Please note, if a phone is confiscated it is the fault of the child who has broken a school rule and not the member of staff enforcing the school policy. Please also note that it is unacceptable for any parent or carer to be rude or threatening to teachers or office staff implementing the school policy.