Our vision at Saint Martin’s is that all students, including those with SEND are able to enjoy and benefit from a broad and balanced education with access to the National curriculum at an appropriate level, so that every child can achieve their potential.

Our SENDCO is Mrs R Gillum   rgillum@saint-martins.net

All teachers are teachers of students with Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND Code of Practice 2014). Teachers at Saint Martin’s Catholic Academy are trained to support students with SEND and will personalise teaching by knowing the students areas of strengths and difficulties. The SEND department provides advice and guidance to teachers to allow them to do this effectively. For the majority of students this allows them to make good progress.

A small number of students require something more; something which is distinct and different. This may take the form of in class support from a Learning Support Assistant, physical support, adjustments to the learning environment, additional intervention or tuition. Our SEND department work closely with the student, the family, teachers and support staff along with advice from a range of professionals to deliver and achieve this.

At Saint Martin’s Catholic Academy we aim:

  1. To adopt an inclusive approach, enabling all students to develop their interests, abilities and aptitudes as fully as possible
  2. To ensure that all students can access the curriculum where possible
  3. To liaise with and gain support from external agencies and Local Authority Support Services to ensure that the needs of pupils are met.
  4. To work together with parents/carers, students and other agencies to meet the additional needs of SEND students.
  5. To inform, advise and train staff to be able to support students with additional needs.
  6. To use a range of assessments to inform planning for students with additional needs and are needs led.
  7. To prepare students for appropriate future opportunities within education and employment
  8. To celebrate and actively promote achievement and the contributions of our students with SEND.

The SEND  department works with all members of school staff to actively promote the development of students with SEND. Staff working within the Learning Support Department have specialist training in supporting students with a wide range of special educational needs including. Examples of these include Visual impairments, Hearing Impairments, and Specific Learning difficulties.

We work closely with our Pastoral Support Team including our Heads of Year, Well-being Advisor – Mrs C Abela, Pastoral Officer –  Mrs F Hunt and Designated Safeguarding Lead –  Mr S Gray  and we have a Learning Support base which functions as a base for being able to provide a range of support and interventions.

SEND Documentation

For further information please follow the link to our Policy Page:

Saint Martin’s Policy Page


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