Perhaps organisational skills are an issue for a student? Maybe there is a lack of ICT facilities at home? Perhaps younger siblings distract from productive study time?  A full sporting diary or musical and social commitments may restrict time available for homework and further study?

We are committed to supporting students to overcome these and other difficulties in completing their Homework.


A limited number of students are welcome to come to LS1 during the scheduled lunch break Monday through Friday.  They can use one of the four computers or work on their homework at a desk.  An LSA will be available to support and encourage their studies during this time.


The Library is open every weekday afternoon until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Any student is welcome to come and work in this quiet, peaceful setting. There are 9 computers available and various tables where you can sit and complete homework and private study. A member of staff will be available to answer questions and foster a focused, academic atmosphere.


A selection of essential stationery is available for students to purchase at a low price