Art at Saint Martin’s is a lively and challenging subject which gives the students, through a range of activities and topics an opportunity to develop their artistic skills and knowledge.  It is a popular GCSE option and the many displays around the school reflect the high standards set.


OCR GCSE Art & Design is a practical course which requires sketchbooks, study sheets and main pieces to be presented for moderation and final assessment during the second year of the course.  This is worth 60% of the final marks.

40% of the marks are achieved through an externally set task (10 hour practical).

The students study 4 main areas throughout the 2 year course, working from observations, using different materials and techniques and researching artists to develop a set theme or topic in a personal way.

Skills and techniques are explained and practised with opportunities to visit National art galleries, meet practicing artists and participate in workshops.

Extra Curricular opportunities 

·         GCSE catch-up Club
·         Art Workshops
·         KS3 Art Club