History at Saint Martin’s is a thriving subject that offers students a wide range of opportunities to learn about the past in a variety of ways. History is vital because we can only understand who we are – as individuals or as a nation – if we understand where we have come from; and it is this learning that we endeavour to achieve at Saint Martin’s. All students are encouraged to consider ideas of empathy, morality and ethics during their time in History as well as learn about the fun stuff such as huge battles and world changing events! History is an exciting subject at Saint Martin’s because of the dynamic manner in which it is taught by the enthusiastic History team, as well as the outstanding lessons that encourage all learners to engage with the past. As a department we are consistently one of the most popular choices at GCSE because students enjoy the learning that takes place. At GCSE we are well placed to deliver outstanding results and hope to inspire the future cohorts to continue their Historical skill into further careers. History as a subject needs no elaboration; it is wonderful because it is the study of everything that has gone before. The students at Saint Martin’s are a testament to that study of the past and the lessons that can be learned with it.


Students study the OCR Modern World History A syllabus at GCSE. This allows them to build on the knowledge and skillset they have learnt at Key Stage 3.  The new GCSE involves 3 separate exams that cover 5 individual units.  These include 1 British depth study, 1 thematic study, 1 period study, 1 site visit and 1 non British depth study.


As a department we run trips for the students throughout the year which includes a trip to watch the Horrible Histories team perform- this has included our own students being called to the stage for an impromptu performance in the past! We also as a school run annual trips to the Battle of Bosworth centre where one of our former staff expertly guides the students around the battlefield with weapon props! For the first time the History department is now looking to offer a residential trip for Year 10 students travelling to the World War One battlefields in France and Belgium which should be a wonderful experience and is looking at a Year 11 trip to Auschwitz.  As well as trips, the History department runs homework sessions for students to drop into during their break times should they need support with work.