Design and Technology is a GCSE subject that will develop thinking leading towards invention and design innovation to design and make prototypes that solve real and relevant problems.

During the course students will study a wide range of materials including papers and boards, timber, metals, polymers and textile fibres and fabrics. They will also develop an understanding of systems, programmable components and mechanisms to support any potential design solutions for the assessed project in Unit 2.

Unit 2 will require students to complete an iterative design challenge where they will explore real needs and contexts, create solutions and evaluate how well the needs have been met.

Assessment will be as follows:-

Unit 1: Design and Technology in the 21st Century

Written examination:

50% of qualification

A mix of short answer, structured and extended writing questions assessing candidates’ knowledge and understanding of engineering design



Unit 2: Design and make task

Non-exam assessment: approximately 30 – 40 hours

50% of qualification

A sustained design and make task, based on a contextual challenge set by the Examination Board, assessing candidates’ ability to:

 identify, investigate, analyse and outline design possibilities

 design and make prototypes and evaluate their fitness for purpose



The content will also require the application of scientific and mathematical knowledge.