Saint Martin’s offers two languages: French and Spanish.  French and Spanish are offered on an alternate year basis. Our current year 8 students study French and our current year 7 students study Spanish. In September 2024 our year 7 students will be studying French and our year 8 students will continue with their study of Spanish.  

Students learn the 4 skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, and at KS3, we concentrate on learning and developing the basic principles of practical language, such as ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions, and booking hotel rooms and travel plans.  At KS4, we follow the Edexcel specification, and we develop students’ existing linguistic ability, with emphasis on more advanced and mature writing and speaking.  Traditional grammar forms an important part of what we teach, but we believe it is equally important for students to be confident in getting their message across and making themselves understood.  Building and encouraging confidence, spontaneity and enthusiasm is central to our departmental vision. 


We offer French and Spanish at GCSE, following the Edexcel specification. Most students will be required to study a language at GCSE and will continue to study the language that they have studied in Key Stage 3.  Some students may be able to study two languages or take a new language at Key Stage if they are able to demonstrate an aptitude for languages.